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"Just the Kitchen & Bathrooms"

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, but they also tend to be the dirtiest rooms in our homes. So we created a special package just for them at an affordable price! 

Maybe you are having company for the weekend and want to greet them with a spotless kitchen and fully detailed bathrooms. Or maybe you just need a little help with the kitchen and bathrooms every other week. Whatever the reason may be, our "Just the Kitchen & Bathrooms" package is a great option without breaking the bank!

"Just the Kitchen & Bathrooms" services include:

  • One-time & Recurring cleans

  • Spotless kitchens & bathrooms

  • Sparkling tubs and toilets

  • Disinfected countertops (behind and below small appliances)

  • Interior microwave

  • Clean cabinets/vanities & drawers (exterior only)

  • Clean baseboards

  • Vacuumed, swept, mopped floors

  • Detailed, thorough cleaning every single time

We pride ourselves on the attention to detail we give to each and every cleaning we provide. We bring the proper tools, experience, and attitude to tackle the toughest job. Cleaning tight spaces, behind obstructions, and grimy corners is our specialty; nothing gets overlooked when we are on the job!


Clean Community Co.'s expert cleaners ensure your home is left spotless and bacteria-free. No matter the size of the job, we apply the same level of care and skill. Our top priority is to make our customers happy, and a clean living environment is the foundation to happiness!

Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning

Do you need the carpets and furniture cleaned too?

Our cleaning + carpet cleaning + furniture cleaning combo makes us perfect for homeowners/renters with pets or children

Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning

Don't leave the furniture out. The same germs and bacteria on the carpets are also trapped in the plush fabrics of your couches and chairs. We can take care of that too! Click here to view Upholstery Cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

This is in YOUR carpets, rugs and furniture!!

This is how Clean Community Co. removes it!

Couch Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning






Home Cleaning near me Roanoke

"Clean Community Co. did a wonderful job cleaning my apartment after my move out. The rental company even commented on how clean the place was left. I would definitely use his services again."

— Marie P

"W-O-W!!! The apartment was cleaner than when we moved into it (seriously, the bathroom was spotless)"

- Olivia H

"I hired Clean Community Co. for transitional deep cleaning and carpet cleaning for a rental property of mines. They were on time and you can tell they did some major cleaning! The place looks like new. The carpets looks sooo much better!"

— Brandon J

"Clean Community Co. cleaned our entire house in preparation for putting it on the market. The work was very thorough, and the carpets look and smell great. Adrian responded quickly to my questions and provided personalized service from first contact to job completion. You couldn’t ask for a better company to do this type of work!"

— Brent R

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